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Ear – Version 0.3 Beta

Posted in ear, G1 by Markus Klems on March 8, 2009

A new version of ear is now available in the Android Market. Ear 0.3 Beta fixed a bug and added a couple of new features.

Bug fix: Saving profile bug
* Some users complained that they could not save their profiles any more. We fixed the bug that apparently was caused by the new Android 1.1 platform.

New features: Create settings profiles
Besides ringtones, ear now enables users to specify profiles with settings such as
* Wifi
* Bluetooth
* Airplane mode

We are working on a bunch of new features. Let us know what you would like to see included 🙂



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  1. MikeS said, on August 27, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    I see a couple of comments to the same effect.

    I would like to silence email and SMS yet still allow the phone to ring. My old BB and WinMo could do this. It is usefull because I am on-call for emergencies yet don’t want to wake up constantly when email comes in while I sleep. Too clumsy to drill down in both of my email apps to silence the email notifications before bed, and to flop back when I start my day. Any chance it can be done with the app as it stands now, or a future release?

    Good job, good luck and thanks!

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